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Microblading Aftercare Advice for Beautiful Results

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Permanent Make - up in an investment in a new look so it is important to get long lasting results from your treatment. Following your artist advice can make or break your permanent make - up results. Your artist should give you detailed aftercare advice.

Here are a few top tips to care for your pigmentation & ensure your beautiful results last.

  • Avoid sunbeds and sun exposure for 2 weeks after treatment

  • Always wear SPF as part of your daily skincare routine once the area is healed.

  • Avoid retinol products for 1month after treatment

  • Avoid AHA products for 2 weeks after treatment

  • Avoid laser and IPL for 2 weeks after treatment

  • Do not remove any flaking, dry skin or scabbing. Allow natural healing process to complete

  • Avoid hot steamy showers, steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools for 2 weeks

  • Avoid exercise and sweating for 2 weeks after treatments

  • Wear the recommended aftercare cream at least 2-3 times daily during the healing process to keep skin hydrated.

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